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er to have a child, and have chosen any and all other moments in space and time to have the child. This is exactly why the child is a probability of the entire universe. Does this mean that any and all of the other probabilities do not exist? Absolutely not! I encourage you to visualize how your journey would be different if your parents conceived you a moment sooner and a moment later. How would the journeys compare and contrast? Do these other journeys not exist? Of course they exist! How? They exist because you are visualizing them in this exercise and by simply perceiving them in any and all types of ways, shapes, and/or forms, you have allowed them to exist. Therefore, any and all paths that seem not to be taken are, in fact, taken as well, just with a different probability of occurring. In other words, is there a version of you that was conceived a moment sooner? Yes, and somewhere and sometime in your life, you may have, are, and/or will travel the path that he or she would have taken. You create and

Merry meet! Thank you for visiting "The Light of Magick" Portal, home of,,, and I'm RJ Onyx Moonshadow, The Spiritual Cosmologist, and my goal is to assist anyone and everyone in focusing on their dreams and using positive energy in order to achieve them. As you may read in my bio, I have always believed that I am unique, and not just because of my disabilities, but also my different abilities. Ever since I can remember, I have always loved to ponder about the wonders of the universe and explored many opportunities that came my way. Throughout the years, I have become a lightworker, which means I work with positive energy. I know that any and every positive energy will happen. Anything and everything is possible when you focus your energy on it. This is why I love sharing my knowledge, advice, and positive energy with anyone and everyone I come across in my path. I experience The Light of Magick any and every moment and on multiple levels, and I would love for you to as well.  Please enjoy the positive energy that I wish to share with you.

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Since 2009, I have shared intriguing questions about the universe and positive messages on both my Facebook page and my Twitter page. A different randomly selected one can be read towards the top of this page each time you visit this website. I started expanding on these positive messages on March 11, 2014, in a video web series The Light of Magick, which has been put on hiatus after its second season finale until further notice. If you're looking for some insight or just some positive energy, please feel free to friend or follow me at the links in the bottom right corner and browse through them. You may also contact me using the form below if you have any questions, looking for spiritual advice, have a suggestion for a future video, or would like to have me as a speaker for your upcoming event.

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