RJ with High Priestess Morgana Moonwater

RJ Onyx Moonshadow was born in Flint, Michigan, in 1983. Starting from the moment he was born, he has been diagnosed with several disabilities. The first was his cleft lip & palate. This birth defect caused the roof of his mouth to be split apart as well as abnormalities to his nose. As time passed, this was corrected with multiple surgeries and has left scars to his upper lip. Six months after being born, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, a disorder which, in his case, prevented him from walking and included limited movement in his left arm. It wasn’t until 2000 when he started having seizures and they have been controlled since. They stopped in 2005, but returned in November 2015.

In 1991, he moved to Atlanta, Georgia, along with his mother. There, he took on new opportunities available to him and attended a few of the greatest educational institutions in the state where he studied both science and art. In 2005, he moved back to his hometown and began broadening his horizons by taking on multiple jobs and meeting new people who shared in his passion, becoming a social butterfly.

RJ with Teal SwanEver since he was a child, he always felt that he was unique; not only because he was diagnosed with a disability, but because he is attuned with nature and been attracted to animals, plants, and the world around him. He began gaining any knowledge he could about the wonders of the universe. He wanted to be a zoologist, physicist, and cosmologist at different times in his life. During his intricate studies, he found a religion that correlated with his own belief system, Wicca. Since he already felt that he was a practitioner of magick and knew most of the lifestyle, he considered himself Wiccan from that point on.

Since that time, he has been concentrating on learning more about the history of Wicca, its practices, how to incorporate it more into his life, and how it connects with the universe. Along his journey, he has met incredible people who have the same beliefs and willing to share knowledge together, building a huge circle of friends and family. This has assisted him in becoming spiritual and has placed him in a mental, physical, and emotional positive state. He wishes to spread positive messages to everyone increasing their knowledge so that they too can embrace the magick of positive energy.

RJ with Susan and David HarperIn 2013, he published his first book Awakening to the Light of Magick, which included a year’s worth of his positive messages. He shared this book and his wisdom in his travels while attending various conventions, workshops, and spiritual events in his hometown and across the country. During these travels, he had the chance to meet even more spiritual people who resonate with him and share his passion. In doing so, he was given opportunities to be interviewed on camera, on the radio, and in print about his disabilities, spirituality, and writings.

Beginning in February 2014 due to the love of his writings by readers, he started posting them on his Twitter page. Soon after, he built this website,, to promote his overall message, first book, and his Eternal Love Ankh symbol attire while providing his biography, photos, videos, and past and future events. After his first interview in March 2014, he decided to begin a bi-weekly YouTube web series entitled The Light of Magick discussing deep topics from spirituality, positive thinking, and attracting one's personal happiness.

RJ and Lillie ReadAs he continued to write, in 2014, he published his second book Unlocking the Light of Magick, which included another year’s worth of his positive messages. While attending additional conventions, workshops, and spiritual events throughout the following year, he introduced his second book with the people he met. During that same year, he dove deeper into his studies of astrophysics, quantum physics, and cosmology. Merging these studies with his spiritual writings, he took on the moniker “The Spiritual Cosmologist”.

In February 2015, he changed the name of his website to “The Light of Magick” Portal to include the domains:,, and He also rearranged his website to include his second book and more photos, videos, and events. A month later, he began the second season of his web series, continuing to offer his perspective on common topics discussed in the spiritual community.

He published his third book Exploring the Light of Magick in 2015, which again, included another year’s worth of his positive messages. As he rearranged his website once more at the end of 2015 to include his third book and more photos, videos, and events, he also added a personal message that he wrote on January 1, 2016. Click here to read it. By February 2016, his daily positive messages on his social media pages as well as his The Light of Magick video series officially went on hiatus in order for him to prepare to move back to Atlanta, Georgia, that summer and open a new chapter of his eternal journey of attracting and achieving his own personal happiness.