Ginger Kewl shocked by a positive message

I encourage everyone to live life to the fullest by exploring the infinite number of spectacular wonders the universe offers us each and every moment, as I do. Each and every one of these passing moments, all of us have the ability to obtain a different perspective on life and I implore people to use each of these perceptions to attract their own personal happiness. Growing up, I was diagnosed with multiple disabilities, but I never perceived them as disabilities. I always have and still do perceive them as a different way of experiencing the world and I wish to share that with the world. Experiencing the reflections that I have, I conclude that one must always have a positive attitude in order to reach his or her own happiness. In doing so, I start off each day with positive energy and intend to share that energy with ones I come into contact through positive messages. This way, those who read them will increase their spiritual knowledge in order to gain a different perspective on life. Being able to do this and being a spiritual advisor makes me happy.

Morgana Moonwater reading the bookIn my first book, Awakening to the Light of Magick, my second book, Unlocking the Light of Magick, and my third book, Exploring the Light of Magick, collectively The Light of Magick series, you’ll find my messages I’ve written during the turn of the wheel between 2012 and 2015. The following messages are not to offend anyone but yet to enlighten those who are willing to learn and invite positive energy into their life. Enjoy all three years of my work. I would love to hear from my readers and you may comment on each positive message as well through Facebook or Twitter.

Below are ads I created for my books and you may purchase them by going to the store section of this website. Blessed Be and Love and Light to you all.