Below are some of the videos that I have created and are on my YouTube channel. I continually create more videos discussing deep topics such as the ones in my daily positive messages and ones that come to me from time to time about spirituality, cosmology, space & time travel, disabilities, and even topics you may have brought to my attention in my The Light of Magick web series. If you have any questions or topics you would like to see discussed in a video, please e-mail me here. I am always up for a good discussion about the wonders of the universe. There are also videos below that people have made about me and my work or have recorded from an event that I have attended. Non-video interviews can be found on the interviews section of this website. If you would like to do an interview with me, please e-mail me. Enjoy the videos!

The Light of Magick

"A Turning Point in Spacetime"

Out of the Shadows: RJ Onyx Moonshadow

Journey to the Cosmos: RJ Onyx Moonshadow

Unplugging from the Matrix: RJ Onyx Moonshadow


The Inflation Proclamation: RJ Onyx Moonshadow

At the Beginning: RJ Onyx Moonshadow

Wheelchair Yoga - Yoga With Adriene

"Exploring the Light of Magick" Ad

Exploring the Light of Magick Raffle

The Light of Magick / Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan Foundation Donation Promo

"Who Am I?" by RJ Onyx Moonshadow

"Unlocking the Light of Magick" Ad

Tya RedRose: RJ Onyx Moonshadow

J Hermbaby: RJ Onyx Moonshadow

August 2014 Flint, Michigan ArtWalk (RJ Onyx Moonshadow: 34:55-36:07)

Vanessa Lamorte: How I Began Channeling

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"Ask Teal" Episode About Disabilities Featuring RJ Onyx Moonshadow

"Awakening to the Light of Magick" Ad

Teal Scott's Answer to RJ Onyx Moonshadow's Question About Spirituality and Disabilities

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Experiences With Disabilities Anyone?

My Interests and Hobbies

Daily Deep Thoughts Invitation

Explanation of My Disabilities