Welcome to my store, where you may purchase any or all of my books and The Light of Magick shirt. Shipping charges are included in the price. I will autograph the books and I'll even write a personal message in them for you if you'd like. If you are purchasing a single book, please be sure to note which book you want and if you want a personal message, what you want it to say. If you are purchasing a shirt, please be sure to note what size and gender (men's/women's/boy's/girl's). If you are purchasing both a book and a shirt and would like more than one shirt, please e-mail me here before making a purchase to get a better deal. Profits will go towards my journey of assisting you and others attract your and their own personal happinesses through my daily positive messages, bi-weekly web series, and connecting with amazing beings like you among my travels. In addition, for each item purchased through my website, $1 will be donated to the Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan (you may visit their website by clicking on their logo below):

The Epilepsy Foundation of Michigan

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Awakening to the Light of MagickUnlocking the Light of MagickExploring the Light of Magick

Books 1, 2, & 3: Awakening to the Light of Magick, Unlocking the Light of Magick, & Exploring the Light of Magick

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One Book: $10.00

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One Shirt: $15.00

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